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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Avonite Sink Repacement. Durham North Carolina

This is an Avonite sink that has cracked and needs to be replaced.  The homeowner has decided to go with a granite composite top mount sink for the replacement.

                          Avonite sink with crack.


                          Here you can see the crack.

                           Here is the new sink installed.

I would give a little more commentary but some things just are what they are.  This is one of those times.  The plumber will be along a little later to re plumb.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wilsonart Sink Replacement in Asheboro North Carolina

This is a Wilsonart sink replacement in Asheboro North Carolina. The homeowners have a Wilsonart BD 322 sink that needs to be replaced. That sink has been discontinued by Wilsonart and the new sink that they have replaced it with is 2" smaller than the one we are replacing. That means we have a lot of work ahead to make necessary alterations to the sink area.
The first sink is now free from the countertop.  Because the sink was larger than the cabinet I had to break it into pieces to remove it from the cabinet.
The first sink was installed in a cabinet that was too small for the sink to fit into.  They had to scoop out the cabinet wall to allow them to set the countertop into place.  Unfortunately, that means that if the sink needs to be replaced at any point in time then the cabinets will need a little bit more modification.
In order to get the new sink into place I had to slide the sink into the dishwasher cabinet and then bring it back into place.
I've added the new material to the front of the sink cutout. 
The new sink is now integrated into the countertop.
I have cut away the excess material and it is now ready to sand and polish.
This is the finished product.  The homeowners were very happy.
If you look close, you can see the faucet is just a little bit of the mark of the center of the divider.  That is because of the new dimensions of the sink.  I can move it but they said it didn't bother them. 

Wilsonart sink replacement in Asheboro North Carolina.  Done by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Solid Surface Countertop Repair. Lexington, NC

This is a solid surface countertop with a crack in the corner. It is nearly impossible to see this crack on this color of countertop but it is there and it is a big crack and a big problem.
Now that I have scratched it up and got a little dust in there the crack shows up quite nicely for my pics.
The customer was not provided any repair material in the form of cutting boards or trivets or sink cutouts or anything. In order to maintain a good dye lot match I had to take off the backsplash from this small top, use the backsplash to inlay into the cracked area, and then replace the backsplash with a piece that is so similar that you can't tell we had to do that. Of course, that is what we want.
After. Ooops. I left a little dust on the countertop. Solid Surface Countertop repair done in Lexington North Carolina by Complete Solid Surface Refinishing. AKA Countertop Repair Shop. Click here to contact.